Booth Rentals

Game Rentals

Only Pay for the prizes you use!

Receive big discounts when you add games to your Community Day Event.  Here's How....

​​Offering a complete game program for your community’s non-profit organizations.

1.  Let your community group know that you have secured us to provide FREE game rentals along with prizes on consignment.

2. Groups can visit our website and watch video’s of the games to make it easy for them to make a game choice.

3. After the group tells you that they want a game at your event, they will call us to order the game. This will insure that games aren’t duplicated at the event. 

4. We will deliver the games and prizes when we deliver the booths at no additional charge.

5. The groups only pay for the prizes they pass out.

6. If the event is more then one day we offer a prize reorder service at no additional charge.

7.  We will provide a game sign and game instruction sheet for each group.  These sheets will show the prizes that they received along with the price of each prize.

8. At the end of the event each group will meet with you to inventory their prizes and pay you for what was used.

9. We will supply you with a master prize inventory spreadsheet to make the process easier.

10. When we pick up the booths we will also pick up the leftover prizes along with a copy of your master prize inventory.

11. We will send you an itemized invoice for the balance of the booth rental and the prizes used.