Our School Programs are broken down into 2 distinct types: 

1.  Fun Day.  This is typically an event that is free to the students or a small fee is charged to offset the expenses of the event. 

2.  Fun Fair / Carnival.  This is a FUND RAISING event and everyone playing games is charged per game or by way of wristband.

We have money saving programs for each type of event.

So, what is a Wristband Carnival?  A wristband carnival is the best way to guarantee a profit for an event that only runs one day or a few hours.  Traditional, making a profit on a game requires that the game be played over 100 times which physically can’t be achieved during a one day event.

With a wristband, the games simply become an activity that entertains the kids. They win a small prize each time the game is played.  Because we know how many times a game can be played in and hour we can determine how many prizes will be needed.  You can also choose not to give small prizes away and give each kid who purchases a wristband a larger prize at the end of the event. 

You can also add other activities to your wristband event like inflatables, spin art, face painting, Dj, photo booth, magician, balloon artist. Don’t forget food, and raffle baskets.

You will need to figure out what a wristband will cost you based on the activities you chose.  You will also need to guesstimate the number of wristbands you think you can sell.  Call us to help you determine the cost of each wristband.