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For three generations now, we have helped countless Churches, Fire Departments and community organizations with their earnest and noble efforts to improve the quality of everyone's lives. We've spent that time developing our business through the knowledge that what we do enables what you do. We know how important your events and fund-raisers are, and how valuable the time and effort of your volunteers are. We bring this knowledge to bear with everything we do so you can succeed in generating the precious capital that allows you to continue.

We currently have a 99.7% customer retention rate because we have a proven strategy to make money for our customers.

1. Online volunteer game training that your workers can watch on their smart phone.  This helps insure that the games are being run properly.

2.Game Signs that clearly let your customer know the rules and price per play.  We limit first prize wins on skill games and only allow one bet per space on laydown games.

3. Winner every time games are the single most important games that must be at your event.  These games 100% guarantee a 50% profit.

4. Game instruction sheets for each worker so that they understand exactly what prize is given out in each game situation.

5. New relevant games are built each year so that you can always look hot and trendy.

6. Our prizes are TRULY on consignment.  We take back everything that you do not use including the small stuff.  (Full Service account only)

7. Our prize replenishment (reorder) service is free.  Never run out of the hot prize again.  You can call us at the end of each night or email us your reorder.  All deliveries are guaranteed the next day by 5PM or sooner based on when you open. Some restrictions apply.

​8. You will receive a detailed invoice showing you a breakdown of each game.  This is critical in determining each games success.

9. We also own a full service sign and banner business.  We can provide low cost booth sponsorship signs, lawn signs, directional signs, menu boards and much more.

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Games Available For Your Next Event!